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International register of civil aircraft

Description of tools intended for the professionals of aviation                                     Advertising story of 4/14/2005
Revised 6/7/2005

Perhaps as you know it all the flying planes or machines are registered with a card which depends on the legislation of each country. International organizations are in charge of the transparency of information and diffuse by harmonizing information so that all the professionals of aeronautics can find themselves there. In France it is Veritas Bureau which disseminates this information with strong added value which is updated very regularly.

Knew that you can use very effective tools to improve your effectiveness as regards aeronautics?

Example: You are pilot Professional, you have KINGAIR qualification or Beech 300 and to seek you a job of commander on this type of aircraft. How to make?

To question the international register of the civil aviation by subjecting your request while bringing the criteria of your choice:

For example a list of country, a maximum age of the apparatus, a basic airport and you obtain in a few seconds the list of all the owners or owners of the planes of this type in the world!

Démonstration: under IE6 I return BE for BEECH AIRCRAFT

Stage 1: Selection of the manufacturer of the Ex aircraft: BEECH AIRCRAFT CORP.

Stage 2: To select the type of the plane: BEECH 300

Stage 3: To select the mode or the models

Stage 4: Discover the list of the planes of this model in the course of exploitation EX: B300 page 2

Stage 5: Discover the card of one of the aircraft, its basic airport, its date of manufacture, its number of hours of flight, its options, its owner, the manufacturers of its engines, etc...

Example of card of an aircraft

Here of what to create you a list of potential employers to contact or customers prospective customers (maintenance, service, etc...)

Quite sour that also goes for the Boeing 747 and the A340 Airbus... (500000 civil aircrafts in the world) including the helicopters, the balloons, Ultra Light Aircraft and Glider

Other uses:

  • To obtain statistics on the numbers of aircraft: Example by Country: USA - FRANCE
  • To seek an aircraft by its registration
  • To discover all the planes of an airline company
  • To obtain all the aircraft of an airport then to export data in a spreadsheet (Extensive Version of the software)
  • Research multicriterion assist by program allowing to freely question the base without knowledge of language SQL.

This tools is available 24H a day starting from a CDROM marketed in France by the OFFICE VERITAS which is installed on your PC. They are of course tools of professional with contract of update and are thus particularly adapted to a structure which can mutualiser its use.

A the occasion of the 46ème Show of Le Bourget, a free demonstration of the International Civil aeronautics Register (IRCA) is offered to you. IRCA is the only aeronautical data base which collects information of more than 500.000 aircraft in more than 50 countries. Exhibitor: OFFICE VERITAS - HALL 2B - H5 Stand

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To order CD-Rom only one addresses: (do not hesitate to say that your come from the Web site on Concorde)

Bureau Veritas 2, street Marcel Doret 31702 Blagnac Cedex Phone: (33) 5 61 16 72 61

To have more information: To contact Bernadette Pérée Phone: (33) 1 41 96 71 20

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